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I’ll work with you to create a tailored music video that compliments the emotion and lyrics of your song. Of course, for the best quality sound we use the studio recorded version of your song.

Live Video - £200

Solo act or a full band? I can record your entire set with multiple angles with an atmospheric sound from the venue and the crowd as well as live music from the desk.
3 Cameras*
Audio from the desk** + Ambient
Full Set + Each individual song

Showreel - £250

Show yourself off with a compilation of songs from a live gig or recording session. A showreel is a great way to showcase a range of your songs and or performances which a great promotional tool for agencies, promoters or venues.
3 Cameras*
Audio from the desk** + Ambient
Includes - Footage of the full set

Live Music Video - £200

Show your fans and followers what your gigs are like to be at. I will cover your whole gig and can also cover behind the scenes and extra footage that fans wouldn’t normally see. I’ll create a video that that matches the feel of your chosen song, with multiple cameras and angles to capture more emotion and reactions from you/your band and your fans.
● 3 Cameras for performance*

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What sets us apart?

Our industry leading software allows you to review, compare, approve and download your final video.

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Seamlessly communicate with the changes you’d like to be made

Timestamps are automatically placed when you start typing and the editor will get instant notifications.




Gig Photography - From £40

Strictly-Smokin Big Band

Show your fans you take pride in gigging and show them official high quality images which can help you gain some traction. This can include behind the scenes images that fans would likely never see. High quality images ready for social media and print available from our online gallery.

Press, Portraits and Promo Photogrpahy - £50


I can supply official musician/band images for press, promotion or just casual portraits. Images are supplied through our online gallery.




Audio Technician

As an audio technician I’ll be able to manage sound for your live performance. Wether it’s a solo perfomance or an entire band.


Name *
Please provide information about the video you are enquiring about
Your website or social page where we can get a sense of your style. If you don't have one you let us know, we may be able to help.

*Where Possible. Depending on the venue there may not be suitable areas to place cameras.
**Where possible. Sometimes it may not be possible to get audio directly from the desk due to the venue’s setup.